About Us

MISSION STATEMENT:  Tilapia lovers is a pan world society, non-profit organization with free membership open to anyone who loves Tilapia as a fish,  a product, a farm enterprise or as a loving creature in a river, lake or an aquarium in his room. The ultimate goal of this Society is to bridge the widened gap between animal protein demand and supply. Continuity of membership is judged through continuous evaluation of contribution of the member fulfilling the goals of the society.

Photo: Gulam Hussain

Magdy Saleh
Email: salehmagdy2000@gmail.com

Wide experience in large institutional management (for more than 5 years supervising 3-5 general directorates employing more than 260 persons). Long experience in the fields of fisheries resources, development planning (capture and culture), policy reform, aquaculture systems development, research and management, fisheries resources evaluation and management, environmental assessment, environmental research and project management. Professional work for both international and local organizations, public and private sector organizations including governmental authorities, scientific institutions, the private investment sector. Wide experience in negotiation and execution of international agreements between Egypt and other countries and international or regional organizations. 

Magdy is the founding President of the Tilapia Lover Society.

Olufemi O. Ajiboye
Email: ajiboyefemiseun@yahoo.com

Olufemi Ajiboye worked at the Aquaculture Department of the Nigerian Institute for Oceanography and Marine Research as Principal Research Scientist for 10 years. His research experience includes controlled reproduction and the use of genetic and endocrine manipulations to produce single-sex populations of fish in aquaculture. He also developed novel feed ingredients for all-male tilapias. His current research experience obtained at Memorial University focused on mitigating the impacts of climate-related stressors (elevated water temperature and hypoxia) on the production characteristics, cardiac morphology and haematology of Atlantic salmon. My ultimate goal is to conduct research pertinent to the sustainability of the Fisheries and Aquaculture industries in Atlantic Canada.

Olufemi is a founding member and Secretary of Tilapia Lover Society, a pan world society that promotes exchange of ideas and technical information on Tilapia seed propagation. He is also an active member of World Aquaculture Society and Aquaculture Association of Canada.