Discussion: What is the most effective method to produce all-male tilapia in your country ? – Olufemi Ajiboye & Magdy Saleh

The problem of precocious sexual maturity and unwanted reproduction has long been accepted as a major constraint to further development and expansion of Tilapia culture. Use of monosex (all-male) Tilapia juveniles has been widely promoted and adopted. The techniques for producing monosex tilapias have their advantages and disadvantages that may differ according to countries…Olufemi O. Ajiboye

Tilapia egg hatching jars. Photo credit: M. Gulam Hussain

Please drop your comments in the box “Leave a Reply” below to tell us the most effective method to produce all-male tilapia in your country

Thank You !!

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  1. Dr Md Gulam Hussain says:

    Dear Olufemi Ajiboye and Magdy Saleh;
    Thank you so much for your very vital points for discussion, what is the most effective method to produce all male tilapia in my country?
    For the production of all male tilapia, most useful and effective method so far being used by most of the tilapia hatchery managers and operators in Bangladesh is sex-reversal technique using androgen hormone. It can produce >98% males, other available methods like YY male producing technique or temperature technique etc. are not reliable and having some problems of mass scale adoption and operation. No other countries in South-East Asia using any alternative techniques rather than androgen hormone method. Some concern has ben raised that consumption of androgen hormone treated tilapia might be harmful for human health. But there is no evidence for any such human health hazard (Green and Teichert-Coddington 2000). US FDA also recently clarified that androgen hormone treated tilapia consumption by human has no adverse effect on their body. In Bangladesh, we have >600 tilapia hatcheries, in most of those hatcheries, they are using androgen hormone sex-reversal technique as most effective and reliable method to produce all male tilapia seeds.

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    1. Thank you so much Dr Gulam Hussain for the clarifications.
      What is the current trend of the GIFT strain of tilapia in your country? Am sure you have ongoing projects as it relates to this strain of tilapia.


  2. My Lady Rose F. Conol says:

    To produce all-male tilapia in Philippine, standard sex reversal methods using synthetic androgens are commonly used in fish culture as sex controlling agents and as growth promoters. The steroids (mixed with the fry mash) are fed to sexually undifferentiated fry during the first three days. The tilapia fry are fed with these steroids for a 21 day period before developing their gonads.

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  3. Dr Ram C. Bhujel says:

    The best method is hormonal sex-reversal. We have 100% success results in private hatcheries which are selling 100% monosex fry. No other methods can guarantee such results. That is the reason it has been widely adopted in Asia, and some countries in Africa.

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    1. Dr Bhujel: How do you train tilapia farmers on the technical know-how of this technique?
      Thank you.


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