Dr. M. Gulam Hussain received a Meritorious Service Award for His “Special Contribution to Aquaculture Development” in Bangladesh

It was a memorable day for Dr. M Gulam Hussain who received the Crest of Honour for “Special Contribution to Aquaculture Development” from the Chairman of EON Group, Mr. Momin Ud Dowlah at their 19th Foundation Day celebrated in Dhaka, Bangladesh on the 15 September, 2019.

Dr. Hussain is the current Chief Aquaculture Consultant/Adviser of EON Aquaculture Ltd. He liaised with Eon Group to promote food safety in the aquaculture sector just like other agricultural sectors during last 19 years. Under his technical supervision, EON Aquaculture Ltd. has already successfully initiated a modern tilapia hatchery and brood rearing complex (20 acre area) and established a Tilapia Breeding Nucleus (TBN) under an MOU with WorldFish, Bangladesh and South Asia at Muktagacha, Mymensingh. This hatchery is producing >40 million all male tilapia seeds and 0.5 million genetically improved quality brood stock from their TBN every year. Meanwhile, Eon Aquaculture Ltd. farm has successfully developed seed production through artificial breeding technique of indigenous snakehead fish and developed growing technique of the fish using nutritionally enriched artificial feeds produced at their feed mills. Eon Group is gradually expanding their aquaculture farming facilities from next year onward at South East region by establishing a 60 acre areas of fish farm complex in Noakhali, Bangladesh.

Dr. Hussain, Tilapia Lover Society is very proud of you and we say a big cogratulations to you on this great achievement. Wishing you the best in your career.


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  1. Satya Nandlal says:

    Congratulations Hussein…you deserve this award.

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